About Our Company

Pandiyan Exports is an ecofriendly product and organic food manufacturing company that is accelerated towards establishing a sustainable development

Delegates of Sustenance

At Pandiyan Exports we have vowed to bring to you only that which can be given back to our planet. Our products are 100% eco-friendly and that can be verified. With the rising crabon footprints and pollution levels, you can count on us not to add to it.

An Organic Lifestyle

What you eat is what you become. Our lifestyle is completely dependent on the food we consume and Pandiyan Exports aims to deliver to your plate organic, chemical free and a nutritious meal of the best grade. It's time to shift back to the ways of our forefathers.

Quality Only

The best methods are our methods. Evolved over long periods of experience and experiment, we have achieved the pinnacle of the quality of our products. With you and the environment to take care of, we can't go wrong here.

Virgin Coconut Oil


Tender Coconut

Coir Fibre Bales

Curled Coir Rope


Coco Peat Blocks

Coco Peat Bricks

Coco Peat Disc

Open top Grow bags

Grow bags