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Procured from “God’s own country”, Coconuts are indeed a favorite of god. The versatility of this fibrous nut is endless. Tender coconut is a natural drink that can be derived from the coconut to beat the heat and charge you up. From being added in almost every Indian dish to being the primal constituent of most of the eco-friendly products, it’s hard for the good people of Pandiyan Exports not to gift this to the world.

Product Details

  • Name: Coconut
  • Weight: more than 500gms
  • Packaging: Bulk

Product Description

Our company is geographically located Pollachi, a town that is surrounded by thousands of square kilometres of coconut plantations. Hence coconut is our speciality product. Ripe coconuts are collected from the trees after which they are separated from the husk in a labour intensive process. After the nuts being extracted, we carry out an intense quality checking process. Only the nuts which are of the highest quality are selected and packed in bags to be sent to customers around the globe. Some of the health benefits of coconut. Coconut kernel is nutritious and rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals

1.Coconut is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral food.
2. You can get the benefit of coconut fibre by eating fresh or dried coconut and adding coconut to recipes.
3.A multitude of studies have demonstrated that dietary fibre protects against heart attacks and strokes.
4.Diet rich in coconut kernel prevent digestive disorders and it regulates bowel activity.
5.It restores thyroid functions and increases the metabolic rate.
6.Coconut flour is the residue obtained after extraction of milk from kernel.
7. It is dried, defatted and finely ground into a powder resembling wheat flour.
8.Coconut flour is low in indigestible carbohydrate and high in fibre (61%).
Select coconuts are packed in bags with quantity as desired by the customer. and shipped in bulk.