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Coco Peat Disks

Coco Peat Discs are made from the best quality coco peat, which can be used in planting trays, refill trays and green house. The air porosity and water retention properties of the coco peat aid in better seed germination. The pellets are available as naked or wrapped with non woven fabric and in various sizes. Disks are incredibly easy to use, light weight and practical to setup in a glass house or home environment. Simply add water and the disk will fill up into a perfect seed germinating medium. Coco Peat helps for quicker seed germination. Most used in nurseries for seedlings and for potted plants in home gardens

Product Details

  • Name:Coco Peat Discs
  • Form: Circular discs with required thickness
  • Block size dimension: 20, 30, 40,45, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 mm
  • Block weight: Depends on (+/- 2%)
  • EC - low: < 0.5 ms/cm
  • PH: 5.8 to 7
  • Moisture <20 %
  • Packaging:Naked or Netted Discs. Packed in Carton Boxes.

Product Description

Cocopeat is a natural fibre made out of coconut husks. The extraction of the coconut fibre from husks gives us this by-product called cocopeat. Cocopeat is a 100% natural growing medium. This cocopeat is sun dried and processed to produce Coco Peat Discs. Coir / Coco Discs are mainly used in plant nursery factories for seed germination. Coir / Coco Discs are mainly used to prevent production loss, Nutrition deficiency for saplings. Coco peat discs are available in various formats and sizes in order to cater the needs of the user precisely. They are suitable for quicker seed germination and have the capacity to grow any plant species. Designed especially for nursery users and home gardens.

A perfect growing media for flower and vegetables cultivation as well for soil conditioning. Coco Peat holds water rather than shedding it like traditional peat does! It holds 8-9 times its weight in water. Coco Peat has the ability to store and release nutrient to plants for extended periods of time. It also has great oxygenation properties which is important for healthy root development. It has a pH of 5.2-6.8 which is neutral to slightly acidic. This makes it great for alkaline garden soils.

  • Quicker germination
  • High Air porosity
  • More water retention
  • 100% natural
  • Easy to transplant
  • Non-hazardous disposals
  • Easy Handling
Available in two different options. 1. Naked : Coco peat discs are packed in carton boxes and loaded in containers. 2.Netted : Each Coco peat disc is wrapped in non-woven cloth and is packed in Carton boxes.