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Curled Coir Rope

Machine Twisted Fibre (Coir Rope) is made out of matured brown coir fiber. Machine Twisted Fibre (Coir Rope) is used for various applications like making coir mattresses, rubberised coir pad, coir cushions, carpet underlays and seat cushions. The Machine Twisted Fibre (Coir Rope) which is largely in demand is supplied by us is mainly processed from the superior quality coir fibres. Our finest Machine Twisted Fibre (Coir Rope) is generally supplied in the market after undergoing stringent quality check.

Product Details

  • Name:Curled Coir Rope or Machine Twisted Coir Rope
  • Rope Diameter: 18mm to 22mm
  • Colour: Golden Brown
  • Twist per Feet: 15 to 20
  • Bundle weight: 30 kgs (+/- 2%)
  • Moisture: < 15 %
  • Loadablity: 750 bundles per 40 Container

Product Description

These coir ropes have long lasting functional life and are very strong. They are also much eco friendly and have no serious effect on the environment. Besides, we are considered as a prime quantity and quality Natural Coir Rope manufacture and one of the primary suppliers of the same. Ropes and cordage made from coconut fibre have been in use from ancient times. Indian navigators who sailed the seas to Malaya, Java, China, and the Gulf of Arabia centuries ago used coir for their ship ropes. Arab writers of the 11th century AD referred to the extensive use of coir for ship ropes and rigging.

Available in two different packaging options. 1. Palletisation: Each Tonne of the Curled coir rope is arranged on wooden pallets which are strapped and loaded in container. 2.Free Loading : Each bundle is loaded directly into container